Cigar Smoking Ebony Gets Spanking Therapy from DILF

LJ Richards is in for a much needed therapy appointment with therapist, Dr. Richard Lennox. He drones on about his problems, angst he carries with him from his school years that now manifests in a bad cigar smoking habit, while Dr. Lennox takes notes. The psycho psychiatrist surprises LJ with his unconventional approach to regression therapy: The doctor pulls the ebony hottie over the knee and begins spanking him! LJ is shocked, but can't squirm away. The struggle is real! Dr. Lennox pulls LJ's pants down to continue spanking through his tighty whities. LJ squirms and howls in protest. Finally, Richard pulls LJ's underwear down for some bare-ass spanking. This is what it means to smoke! This is what smoking feels like now! LJ may never light up again.