Bear Cub Foot Domination

Bear cub Colton Steele is home from a long day at work and he needs his DILF foot slave, Richard Lennox, to help him relax. The older sub relishes sniffing and licking his filthy leather boots, as the cubby bear reclines in his red jockstrap and mirrored sunglasses. Colton casually directs him to pull off the boots and sniff his rank socks. Richard complies, and smells and licks the disgusting smelling socks. Colton rubs the smelly socks on the DILF's head, and he loves it. He begs to pull off the socks, and licks between Colton's toes. Colton spreads his ass cheeks through his jockstrap, his hole twitching for more as his foot slave relishes licking his footmaster's soles.