Wedgies and Spankings for DILF Doctor from Ebony Patient

In Part One (CLICK HERE), "CIGAR SMOKING EBONY GETS SPANKING THERAPY FROM DILF," sexy ebony LJ got some aversion therapy from twisted psychologist, Dr. Richard Lennox. To finish the job in Part Two (CLICK HERE), "WEDGIE DOMINATION FOR EBONY THERAPY PATIENT," Dr. Lennox attempts to finish the job by regressing LJ to his school years through more harsh therapy. Now, LJ is finally cured of his cigar smoking habit - and his inhibitions. He's finally able to express his anger without hurting himself. He chooses instead to put the hurt on his tormentor, the twisted shrink himself. He grabs the doctor by the tie and spanks the fuck out of him, through his pants, then over his tighty whities. For good measure, he gives Dr. Lennox a few harsh wedgies before pulling them down to keep spanking his bare ass, which is now a stinging cherry red. As icing on the cake, he whips out his big, black cock and shoves it down Richard's throat. ...Ready to pursue your psychology degree?