Happy Birthday 1 - Tickling Spanking and Slapping Balls

It's Tristan's birthday, and Richard has a surprise for him - the DILF is going to show the 19yo that even though he's growing up, there's only one boss in the house. First, Richard disorients him with an avalanche of birthday balloons. Then, wrestling Tristan into submission, he strips pajamas off the younger man and gives pins him to the bed for a relentless tickle job. And Tristan is EXTREMELY ticklish! "Stop! Please! What did I do to deserve this!" he squeals. But Richard isn't done yet. He holds Tristan in midair by the legs and gives him a bare ass birthday spanking, all the while, Tristan squirming and struggling. For the main event, Richard decides to squeeze and abuse Tristan's balls, emasculating the willful younger man before he gets too full of himself.

Part 1 of 2