Spanked by Creepy Therapist

Tristan is seeing his psychologist, Dr. Richard Lennox, to try and get over the nightmares he's been having. The creepy doctor tries his experimental role playing therapy on Tristan to take him back to when he was younger and finally be held accountable for his mistakes. Dr. Lennox bends Tristan over the knee for a good spanking. At first, the spanks are almost... sensual. But as the punishment increases and Tristan protests, yelping at each swat, the pervy doctor spanks harder. He pulls Tristan's shorts down and spanks him through his underwear, pausing only to take a big whiff of his ass and declare, "You smell like a bad boy, too!"  Tristan becomes confused - What has he done to deserve this! But the doctor continues and yanks down Tristan's undies. "No! PLEASE don't spank my bare ass!" SMACK!