Gentle Giant Showers with Creepy Tiny

You're the last remaining tiny people that's been lurking around Leo Blue and Richard Lennox's house, after Richard destroyed most of your clan. Your survival depends on not being noticed or captured. But when Leo takes a shower, you can't help yourself. You have to creep on loopy Leo. He sees you as you make your way into the bathroom and calls for Richard. Oh, no! But he doesn't try to get you. He's in a friendly, playful mood. "You just want some attention, don't you?" You nod, Yes. So, Leo asks for your help to wash his feet, but you're a little grossed out by that. He sees you're captivated by his big, uncut cock and his bodacious ass, so he gives you a show, chattering and giggling with you all the way. He even helps wipe you up when you get suds in your eyes. But, all good things come to an end, and Leo grows tired of you. Almost as an afterthought to your pleasant afternoon, he grabs your tiny body and eats you in one gulp.