Wedgie Punishment

Tristan has been seeing his twisted therapist for several sessions, and before this one he discovered Dr. Lennox's experiment using a shrinking potion.

Now, Dr. Lennox is angry. "Did you go sniffing around my private work? Did you?!" he demands. Tristan stutters an excuse, but the doctor is already angry. He insists on retribution. He tackles poor Tristan on the sofa and yanks his underwear up through Tristan's shorts. Tristan squeals but the Dr. Lennox won't relent. The wedgies keep getting more harsh. Tristan tries to break free and Dr. Lennox pulls his shirt off in the process. Another wedgie! Tristan cries, "PLEASE! STOP!" Dr. Lennox pulls Tristan's pants off and yanks the tighty whities even harder. "My balls! NOOO!" Tristan yells. Dr. Lennox continues the wedgies and spanks Tristan til he agrees to never again poke around where he doesn't belong.