Foot Fetish Foreplay

20yo Tristan is home after being away at school, and he can't wait to get nasty with 48yo Ricard. The older man and younger man start making out immediately. The DILF is still in his necktie from work, but Tristan pulls it from around his necck, and goes right back to kissing him hard. Richard strips Tristan, licking and nibbling his nipples and the tender spots on his neck, then goes for Tristan's feet. He sniffs his socks and rubs them on his face, slowly pulls them off, and begins to lick Tristan's toes nd soles. Tristan moans with pleasure and returns the favor. "Yes! Ohhhh, yes!" Richard growls. The unlikely couple stretch out on the sofa, stripped to their underwear, their erections straining to be released. They massage each other's cocks with their feet, and stuff their toes in each other's mouths, wiggling them around and licking them in sensual ecstasy.