Wedgies and Spankings for Freeloading Clubrat

Leo Blue is wasting the day, hung over from what sounds like an awesome night of partying and random fuckbuddies. But his roommate, Richard Lennox, is pissed. For starters, Leo's debauchery kept Richard up all night. But more importantly, Leo is a week late on the rent. "Where the fuck is my money?" he demands. But Leo tries to wave him off. "I'll get it to you soon..." Richard decides Leo is being irreponsible, and if he's going to act immature, he'll be treated like he was in school. The gay DILF gets a good clutching grip on Leo's tighty whities and BAM! A series of painful wedgies and spanking to teach the selfish clubrat who's boss. Leo squeals in protest, bbut Richard continues with the wedgies and bare-ass spankings, pulling helpless Leo's shorts down to get better access to his ass. Leo relents - he'll sell his video game for the money. That's the way to take responsibility. Bitch.

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