Captured DILF Must Worship Footmaster Boots Socks and Feet Part Two

"Do you like my feet on your dick?" Tristan asks. Richard replies breathlessly, "I love your feet anywhere you want to put them, sir." The 19 year old has bound the gay DILF and is making him act as his foot slave. But Tristan didn't count on Richard liking it so much! The older man has a rock hard cock from being made to sniff Tristan's socks and lick his supple little feet. Tristan wants to reward him for being such a good foot slave, so he starts to give Richard a sweet footjob. But, does he enjoy it too much? Who's the one who's supposed to be having fun here, anyway? Tristan shows him who's boss by changing his mood and smacking Richard cock fast and hard against the soles of his feet. Still enjoying it? Tristan stands up and stomps the relentless hardon. Poor Richard!

This is Part Two - for PART ONE - CLICK HERE