JOI Doctors

Dr.'s Ricky Fox and Richard Lennox are ready to see you jerk off. They are qualifieed masturbation doctors (having spent many, many years fapping), and they're here to help guys like you who just can't seem to do it right. Their calm, professional demeanor is comforting, and they invite you to pull your pants down and start lightly rubbing your dick through your underwear. You're a little aroused, but you're having trouble getting into it. Dr. Fox encourages you to slowly stroke your shaft and tickle your balls. It's all right, but you're not exactly ready to fuck your hand. Then Dr. Lennox suggests visualizing what might be there in place of your hand, wanking your cock. A mouth? An ass? A pussy? No? Still not getting into it? How about if it was... a warm, fresh baked pumpkin pie? YEAH! Oh, yes! Now, THAT'S something you could fuck HARD!